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  • Autore: Noam Chomsky
  • Editore: Cambridge Univ Pr
  • I dati pubblicati: 28 Febbraio '06
  • ISBN: 9780521674935
  • Formato del libri: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Numero di pagine: 645 pagine pages
  • Dimensione del file: 14MB
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Sinossi di CHOMSKY LANGUAGE AND MIND Noam Chomsky:

This is the long-awaited third edition of Chomsky's outstanding collection of essays on language and mind The first six chapters, originally published in the 1960s, made a groundbreaking contribution to linguistic theory This new edition complements them with an additional chapter and a new preface, bringing Chomsky's influential approach into the twenty-first century Chapters 1-6 present Chomsky's early work on the nature and acquisition of language as a genetically endowed, biological system (Universal Grammar), through the rules and principles of which we acquire an internalized knowledge (I-language) Over the past fifty years, this framework has sparked an explosion of inquiry into a wide range of languages, and has yielded some major theoretical questions The final chapter revisits the key issues, reviewing the ' biolinguistic ' approach that has guided Chomsky's work from its origins to the present day, and raising some novel and exciting challenges for the study of language and mind


Ilaria davidoff light

bel libro che suona come la mia storia


questo è un tipo molto divertente libro!


Bello, grazie per questo mentale libro di matematica, veramente cambiare il mio POV di numeri!!!


Ho amato il libro andando per prenotare due. Hai la mia piena attenzione


Voglio scaricare (o acquistare) questo libro per un fan francese ragazza di 11 anni, ma io non riesco a scaricare ... mi Può aiutare, per favore ?